Redmi 20000mAh Power Bank Review | Fast Charging | USB Type C and Micro USB Ports


In today’s social world, we cannot live without mobiles. We consider mobile as part of our body. Just as we get upset when any part of the body is damaged, similarly we are worried about our mobile. Alarm to wake up early in the morning, find a way in an unknown city or else we have to use mobile to pass the time during the boredom.

Now, as you all know, by using the mobile throughout the day, the battery of the mobile is discharged very quickly, so we need a power bank to charge it.

A power bank that is light in weight so that it can be carried anywhere easily or we can say easily portable, charge the mobile soon – supports the fast charging and have very good battery life. So hunt down this problem we have Redmi 20000mAh Power Bank.

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Redmi 20000 mAh Power Bank Review

Redmi 2000mAh Power Bank

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Powerful Battery
  • 18 W Fast Charging
  • 12 Layers of Protection
  • Classic Dual Port
  • Support Type C
  • Affordable Price

The all-new 20000mAh Redmi Power Bank is a portable powerhouse that comes with 18W Fast Charging that ensures that your devices charge quickly and you can be on the move. The all-new design now features Dual-port input (Micro-USB/USB-C) and Dual USB output with two-way fast charging without compromising on size and quality.

Redmi 20000 mAh Power Bank Review: Highlights

  • 20000mAh Li-Polymer Battery: Redmi Power Bank comes with high-density advanced Li-polymer batteries that make it more durable and optimizes charging efficiency. It can charge Redmi K20 Pro – 3.5 times, iPhone XS – 4.7 times & Redmi Note 7 – 3.5 times
  • 18W Fast Charging: The new Redmi Power Bank comes with 18W Fast Charging. It supports 5.1V/2.4A, 9V/ 2A MAX and 12V/1.5A MAX charging outputs that ensures efficient and quick charging for your devices
  • Classic Dual Port: Dual input ports (Micro-USB/USB-C) and Dual USB Output with smart charging – Redmi Power Bank intelligently adjusts power output up to 18W to deliver fast and efficient charging for each connected device
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  • Ergonomics at its Best: This power bank is crafted using high-quality material and comes in classic black and white color. The anti-slip edge texture offers a great hand feel and prevents pesky falls and drops
  • 12 Layers Circuit Protection: Mi Power Bank comes with an advanced level of chipset protection that ensures protection against short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge & discharge, etc
  • Two-way Quick Charge: The feature ensures faster charging for Power Bank and connected devices; Charging time: Approx 6.7 hours (18W charger, standard USB cable), Approx 10 hours ( 10W charger, standard USB cable)
  • Universal Compatibility: Now charge not just mobiles but tablets, BT speakers, earphones, headsets, fitness bands, etc
  • Made in India: Redmi Power Banks are fully manufactured in India and pass through stringent quality tests and checks
  • Easy to carry: The product has been designed keeping the Indian usage in mind and is made to carrying it on-the-go. The weight has been kept to a minimum for easy portability
  • 6 months warranty: The device comes with 6 months of warranty. For queries please reach out to 18001036286

Redmi 20000mAh Power Bank Reviews By Customers

By – Romit Mukherjee

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reviewed in India on 4 March 2020

Colour: Black

Size: 20000 mAh

Verified Purchase – Really nice it gives 16000 mah approx

By – Pavan Dilli

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reviewed in India on 3 March 2020

Colour: Black

Size: 20000 mAh

Verified Purchase – If you want to buy redmi power bank go for 20000mah power bank

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